Emerging Artist Grant


Fredman Barahona*Elyla Sinverguenza (b. 1989) is an artist from Nicaragua who uses performance as the fundamental resource of his artistic practice, in occasions moving through photography, video and installations. His work relates social anthropology, theatre and contemporary art to reflect on identity, sexuality, body politics and cultural borders.


Barahona explores the process of constructing LGBTIQ+ identities to create reflections about human diversity. As a researcher and activist his interested in cultural practices regarding ephemeral drag, fleeting identities and gender bending expressions in indigenous/mestizo rituals in the Americas.


His work has been included in: IX, X Nicaraguan Biennial – IX, X Central American Biennial, Nicaragua/Costa Rica – XII Havana Biennial, Cuba. Barahona was awarded the 3rd Crystal Ruth Bell Residency Research, China Residencies/Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China.


Most recently his work has been included for publication in the new edition of Vassar Review Magazine (Vassar College) Camp & Kitsch: Modes of Cultural Appropriation and Resistance.


He’s a member and founder of Operación Queer collective that works on blurring limits between academia, art and activism.


His art work has been shown in Spain, Holland, Nicaragua, Canada, United States, China, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Chile.



Photo courtesy of the artist


A Look Inside:


Chontales, Nicaragua. May 07, 1989. Barahona lives and works in Managua, Nicaragua.



Contemporary Art Workshops and Academic Residencies, Espira Espora. Managua, Nicaragua (2011-2013); Social Anthropology, Nicaraguan National Autonomous University, UNAN. Managua, Nicaragua (2009-2013). Theater, Justo Rufino Garay Theatre School. Managua, Nicaragua (2010-2012).


Residencies and selected projects 

Naked Fish Festival curated by Sandino Scheidegger (Random Institute), Despacio. San Jose, Costa Rica (2017); China Residencies / Crystal Ruth Bell Residency Research, Red Gate Gallery. Beijing, China (2016). New York University, eXcéntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance. Santiago, Chile (2016); JustMad6 Art Fair. Madrid, Spain (2015).



Selected Exhibitions 

“Agua que me quemo”, curated by Malagana at Macula. Managua, Nicaragua (2017); “Multitud Marica”, curated by Felipe San Martin Rivas & Francisco Godoy, Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende. Santiago, Chile (2017); “Jugo del Cuerpo” NY-MNG at (Harbor) Gallery. New York, NY, USA (2015); “VanguardISTHMUS”, curated by Omar López Chahoud, Inter-American Development Bank, Art Gallery. Washingtong, D.C. USA (2015); “JustResidence”, curated by Andrea Pacheco, COAM. Madrid, Spain (2015); Fredman Barahona/Christian Dietkus collaboration, North American Cultural Center (CCNN), IX Nicaraguan Biennial. Managua, Nicaragua (2014).