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ACN- Cuban News Agency

ACN- Cuban News Agency 


May 19, 2012

Havana’s Fine Arts Museum to Host Exhibition of US Foundation

The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) will show the first private collection by Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Una mirada multiple (A Multiple Look), which will be inaugurated on May 12 at the Universal Art Building of Havana’s National Fine Arts Museum. This selection of pieces treasured by Fontanals-Cisneros is the first one to be presented other than at CIFO Miami (the city where the institution is located) and was created to encourage cultural exchanges and promote Latin American contemporary art. With Osbel Suarez as curator, the exhibition coincides with Havana’s 11th Biennial.

Exhibition, and instead of adopting the usual chronological approach by organizing works according to the date of their creation, it’s presented in five thematic groups covering geographic areas, formats, authors and Cuban creators living in other countries. According to Suarez, the exhibition is plural and diverse and focuses on Latin American Contemporary Art, the New School of German Photography, Photography, Video and Installation, Contemporary Masters, and Outside Cuba.


The exhibition includes works by over 60 artists of North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, who have played a key role in the changes that have taken place in the most significant artistic tendencies over the last 50 years. In addition, it was also known, in a press conference in this capital, that CIFO’s impact on the Latin American art community has been possible thanks to Ella’s perseverance and to her constant interest over the last 10 years, since the Foundation was created in 2002. A case in point is her Grants and Commissions Program for emerging and mid-career visual artists from Latin America, by way of which they can present new works. CIFO, also represented in Europe, is a non-profit organization established by Ella Fontanals- Cisneros and her family to support artists exploring new directions in contemporary art. Moraima Clavijo, director of Havana’s National Fine Arts Museum expressed her appreciation for this gesture towards her center and said it’s an excellent opportunity to appreciate works of great value, described as among the most original of contemporary fine arts.


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  • Published Date: Martes, 29 Mayo 2012