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Marta María Pérez Bravo

Marta María Pérez Bravo


In both of Bravo's pieces, the idea of ritual comes into play as we see her hand continually stroking her daughter's hair in one video and stroking a mold of her own hand made of ice in the other. Often incorporating religious iconography Perez Bravo's work is intentionally mysterious and ambiguous. Although she incorporates video into this installation, she explains that her work is "not time-related" nor is she interested in revealing the narrative behind the image. This approach helps maintain the mystery in her work as the viewer is unaware of where and when the rituals are taking place.



In projecting the video of her hand stroking the back of her daughter's hair on top of a photograph of her other daughter, there is a sense that the intangible interacts with the real infinitely. In the work with the ice, quite the opposite happens. Here, each one of her caresses melts the ice further, alluding to an idea that the closer we get to these apparitions the further we really are to grasping them. 

This work was made possible with the help and collaboration of: Maria Jose Sessma, Gaby y Laura Garciandia Perez, Melissa Valenzuela , Alvaro, Geysel, Angel Ricardo Rios, LIMBO studios and Imagen Virtual.




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