Dubling Limited Edition Postcard Book




Each of the 18 postcards by Elida Tessler, corresponding to the 18 chapters of James Joyce's novel “Ulysses,” features images of the Liffey River in Dublin, Ireland. Every image is accompanied by the last gerund of each chapter. The original installation at CIFO by Tessler documents the many dimensions of a journey using the 4,311 gerund (-ing verb forms in English) words found in “Ulysses.”


The components of the installation consisted of 4,311 glass bottles, each with a cork engraved with a gerund from the novel. In addition, there were 4,311 postcards, each with a gerund and unique image of the Liffey River in Dublin, the expanded versions of the postcards included in this booklet. The work uses the imagery of water and the idea of time as the fluid media between Joyce's writings and the language of art itself. To say it stops there would be to oversimplify this dynamic work. In its many dimensions and representations, the work is a commentary on our use of language and our practice of seeing and reading.

  • Number of Pages: 18
  • Type:: Other
  • Language: English
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