Being in the World

Being in the World




This interactive, digital publication was produced for the exhibition “Being in the World,” which featured seven pieces from the 63 media-based works in the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection.


The selection framed on the idea of situation, as it was developed by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. “Being in the World” assembles media-based artwork that explores a range of ideas: perception, the desire of freedom, complexity, chance, power and human distress— many of them encountered in Sartre's writings. In one way or another, the artists in the exhibition create their own situations, both visually and thematically establishing their own places in the world.


This publication includes an essay by exhibition curator Berta Sichel, video excerpts and reference texts for further reading and research. It is compatible with both PC and MAC.

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  • ISBN: 978-0-615-33741-8
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