Deferred Archive

Deferred Archive




Deferred Archive refers to the idea that memory is constructed retrospectively-not from past to future, but from future to past, so that the events that we experience are not fixed in time, but fleeting from one subject to the other.


The idea of the deferred archive represents the artist looking back, activating past events and classifying them in order to understand a particular moment, as if revisiting the event with the perspective of today gives it the opportunity to really exist; a type of documentation that allows for memory to be created within the now – or, memory according to a later experience.


The artist uses this model as a way of recognizing that memory is always something in the making. By looking to the past, the artists participating in CIFO’s 2013 Grants & Commissions Program are not looking for a memory, but rather creating a memory through documentation/archiving. The act of post-event documentation (or belated documentation) therefore becomes the deferred archive.

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