Liquid Sensibilities

Liquid Sensibilities



This catalogue accompanies the 2016 Grants & Commissions Exhibition at the CIFO Art Space in Miami, Florida, titled Liquid Sensibilities. The bilingual (English & Spanish) book is a visual presentation concentrating on the 10 awarded artists from Latin America consisting of:


• Opening text by CIFO's Director & Chief Curator, Eugenio Valdés Figueroa

• Artists biographies

• Conversations/interviews with the 10 awarded artists

• Images of previous works

• Installation photography of the 10 projects at the CIFO Art Space


Awarded artist:
Achievement Award: María Evélia Marmolejo (Colombia)


Mid-career Award: Leidy Chávez & Fernando Pareja (Colombia), Jorge Julián Aristizabal (Colombia), Carlos Castro (Colombia)


Emergent Artist Award: Oscar Farfán (Mexico), Felipe Meres (Brazil), Fabian Peña (Cuba), Fidel García (Cuba), Elena Damiani (Peru), Sandra Nakamura (Peru)



  • Number of Pages: 124
  • Type:: Softcover
  • ISBN: 978-0-9840566-2-0
  • Language: English

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