Adiós Utopia: Art in Cuba Since 1950

Adiós Utopia: Art in Cuba Since 1950


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CIFO and CIFO Europa are pleased to announce Adiós Utopia: Art in Cuba Since 1950, a publication that offers a new vision of artistic development and production and which centers on associations with the utopian spirit that defines Cuba’s revolutionary period and its impact on art.


Through research and critique, the publication establishes a meaningful dialogue that demystifies the preconceived narratives that have characterized Cuban art during the Revolution. Aesthetics, politics and culture are often inextricably interlinked in the artworks created during this period, which in turn exemplify the global transcendence of how art can respond to a dynamic context. This publication reveals a broad range of trends and approaches from the 1950s until the present, covering a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation, photography and poster art, among others.


With over 150 images of artworks produced in Cuba during this time and more than 100 images from archival documents spanning over 60 years, the book includes essays by historians, art critics, curators, artists and other academics as well as a comprehensive chronology.



Featured authors: 

 Antonio Eligio Fernández (Tonel)

 Beatriz Gago

• Gerardo Mosquera

 Iván de la Nuez

 René Francisco Rodríguez

 Elsa Vega

 Rachel Weiss



  • Number of Pages: 404
  • Type:: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-0-692-82073-5
  • Language: English


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